Sportsbook Review is a relatively new entry into the online sportsbook world, but that should not disqualify this operation from your consideration. In fact, our TopBet sportsbook review finds that TopBet’s not-yet-established status can actually be a very good thing for online sports bettors, because TopBet is hungry to earn your business. This is most evident in TopBet’s aggressive bonus promotions, including a 50 percent first deposit bonus and a wide variety of appealing parlay promotions. Customer service at TopBet shows some of this same hungry, up-and-coming mentality, with reps available 24/7/365 by phone or email. Located in Manila, Philippines and licensed in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, TopBet is an American-friendly online sportsbook. TopBet accepts Visa, MasterCard, and eWallet. TopBet has lured top managers away from and Bodog, and it is clear that they hope to compete with and even triumph over these long-time giants of the online sports betting world. So far, so good.

Ease of Use:
TopBet strikes a workable balance between being both easy to use and extensive enough to offer every sports bettor something to munch on. There is certainly a strong “sales factor” to the site’s interface, in terms of the giant flashing “join now” button and the constantly scrolling “upcoming events” ticker; let’s just say it’s not exactly a soft sell. However, once you do join, you will find the software extremely fast and reliable. It’s easy to track your past bets with the TopBet betting ticket function and it’s easy to find future bets on a huge variety of sporting events and it’s easy to, well…it’s easy to do pretty much anything sports betting-related at

As you know if you’ve ever started anything, it’s hard to rank highly in reputation when you’re just starting out. Nevertheless, TopBet shows all the right traits of being a highly reputable and secure sports betting site. The management team that TopBet has assembled, which includes veterans from and, is intimately familiar with “best practices” especially with regard to securing customer payment data and personal information. While TopBet’s reputation certainly has a way to grow due to the site’s relative newcomer status, we have found no fault with the site’s extensive security measures.

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Customer Service:
If you’ve read any of our other online sportsbook reviews, you’re probably surprised that we’re granting a site with no “Live Chat” customer service feature a perfect score in the customer service department. And it’s true that as a rule, we require Live Chat customer service in order to give the highest score for online sports betting customer service. But for TopBet, we’ve got to make the rare exception. TopBet’s phone reps are outstanding and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year; phone calls are toll-free and it’s easy to get ahold of a real human being, instead of a blabbering machine. The email response times are also excellent and far faster than the industry average of 48 hours.

Bonuses Paid:
The bonuses department is where TopBet is really making its mark as a newcomer in the online sports betting arena. A 50 percent first deposit bonus will get you started, a 10 percent reload bonus will keep you going, but neither of those offers, while generous, is anything too outrageous. What’s original about TopBet’s approach to bonuses is that these people seem to realize, unlike most online sportsbooks, that the majority of sports bettors prefer to receive as many bonuses as possible, not just one at sign up and then that’s about it. If you like bonuses and promotions, you simply must check out TopBet’s sizeable selection. Especially if you’re into parlays, this is the bonus haven, sporting innovative parlay bonuses that pay out 20 percent more than normal parlay rates. Also note that many promotion/bonus programs are “juice reduction” strategies, such as 50 percent off your bet fee on a certain day for a certain sport; essentially, this means that you can bet lines at -105 instead of -110. So for example, if you place $500 in NFL football bets per week, you’re normally risking $500 to win $450. But if you get 50 percent off your bet cost because you’re betting during TopBet’s “Wednesday Night NFL Happy Hour,” you’re risking $500 to win $475. Not sure about you, but we like paying less to bet.

Ease of deposits/withdrawals:
Deposit via Visa, MasterCard, or eWallet. Withdraw winnings to your bank account, by paper check, or through eWallet. TopBet isn’t trying to offer every single deposit or withdrawal option, they’re keeping it simple and straightforward. That’s refreshing. Just make sure you keep your “PIN” from your account creation email because you will need that in order to withdraw your winnings.

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